Dedicated to Nurturing Recovery, Fostering Resilience, and Cultivating a Supportive Community Through Comprehensive Care and Education.

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1425 Cambridge Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, USA

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Comprehensive Services

Tailored Support for Every Individual

We are committed to providing a wide range of specialized services designed to address the unique and diverse needs of individuals on their path to recovery and self-reliance. Our dedicated team of professionals brings years of experience and compassion to each service we offer, ensuring that you receive expert care in a safe and supportive environment. Explore our services below to find the right support for your journey to better mental health and well-being.

Safe Haven

A Supportive and Stable Housing Solution for Lasting Recovery and Mental Wellness.

Recovery Resilience

Empowering Individuals to Overcome Challenges, Reclaim Their Lives, and Build Resilience.

Freedom Forward

Your Path to Transitioning to a Fresh Start, Unlocking Opportunities for Personal Growth and Independence.

Lean On Me Houses

Where dependency ends and sobriety begins

Welcome to the heart of Lean on Me—Andre's House and Lady Liberty House—your starting point on the path to recovery. These dedicated homes stand as a testament to our mission of fostering hope, recovery, and community.

The men's house is very spacious. This house is equipped to handle 28 occupants, and has 3 bathrooms. To add comfort, it also has 2 large living areas and designated smoking areas.

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Andre's House

32 bed male-only residence in Idaho Falls, ID

The women's house is elegant and has a modern feeling to it. This house can accommodate 18 women and has 3 bathrooms. It is also equipped with a workout area, and has multiple spots for lounging, with two large living room areas.

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Lady Liberty

18 bed female-only residence in Idaho Falls, ID

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Our Comprehensive Services

Supporting Every Step of Your Journey

We offer a range of services designed to provide holistic support for individuals on their path to recovery and self-reliance. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in various aspects of your life, ensuring that you receive the care and guidance you need.

Safe and Sober Housing

Stable, Supportive, Substance-free Environment to Call Home

Addiction Recovery

Offering Assistance and Guidance for a Successful Recovery Journey

Reentry Assistance

A Fresh Start After Incarceration, Support in the Transition Back Into Society

Mental Wellness Care

Offering Support for Mental Health Challenges Alongside Addiction Recovery

Peer Support

Guidance and Empowerment from Those Who Understand Your Journey


Professional Guidance for Emotional and Psychological Well-being

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Building a Stronger Foundation Through Skills Training and Support


Coordinating and Managing Your Court Case and Legal requirements


Ensuring You Reach Your Destinations with Convenience and Care

Our Proven Process

Your Path to Well-being

At Lean On Me, Inc., we guide you through a structured process to ensure you receive the best support and care on your road to recovery. Here’s how it works:

Reach Out

Connect with us to express your interest and discuss your unique needs.


We'll assess your situation to determine the level of support required.

Plan Creation

Together, we'll craft a personalized plan tailored to your recovery goals.

Start Your Journey

Move into Andre’s House or Lady Liberty House and begin your path to recovery.

Connect with Us Today

Don't Hesitate. Reach Out!

Your well-being is our priority. Lean On Me, Inc. is here to support you. Have questions or need further information? Reach out to us through the form below, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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1425 Cambridge Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, USA

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Monday - Friday (9a.m. - 5p.m.)

Embark on Your Personalized Journey to Wellness with Lean On Me

Our safe and sober living houses, Andre’s House and Lady Liberty House, provide a comforting haven for your journey towards recovery. We prioritize an environment free from substances, allowing you to wholeheartedly focus on your healing and personal growth. Through strong collaboration with treatment providers, probation and parole officers, as well as mental health experts, we ensure a seamless and all-encompassing approach to your care.